About Us

First, we would like to say congratulations on your engagement. This is the beginning of an amazing journey you’re about to take a ride on. A journey of where two become one. Second, we want to let you know that we do believe in all forms of love and do not discriminate nor judge. We are here to focus on preserving the magic of your day so it lasts a lifetime. 

Here at Blue Bike Photography, we are a team of two photographers based out of the land of pleasant living. We work all throughout the DMV along with central PA and even far off destinations.  We are here to capture your day the way you envisioned it, while providing you with a friendly and personal experience to make your day effortless. 

Meet Kyle & Kim, two friends who decided to meld their unique personalities and styles of photography into a dynamic team whose total focus is you. 

A film photographer and world traveler, Kyle has a wide range of experience with a huge variety of subjects and settings. With an exceptional point of view and lively attitude, he has perfected his ability to infuse his photos with personality and atmosphere while giving his work a timeless style. 

Kim is a loving mother and devoted wife. She has an infectious smile and gentle touch, and can perfectly and beautifully capture the dazzling feeling of your special day on her digital camera. With a fantastic eye for catching fleeting moments and a finger always on her shutter, she has the skill to flawlessly preserve your cherished memories.